Healthy, long and shiny hair! It’s every girl’s dream. Sadly, reality often looks different. I still remember all those days where my hair looked like a mess, and it was dry and destroyed. In the end, it was so bad that I even had to cut it off. However, after years of patience and a lot of hair care, I got the result I always dreamed about. Getting long and healthy hair, I do not only have to thanks to essential vitamins but also intensive haircare. Due to that, I want to share with my secrets how I got to this point. Here are my five secrets to get healthy long and shiny hair!

Two years… two years, full of new experiences, life lessons and most importantly new chances and opportunities! LY MADEMOISELLE became a place where I could share with you every single life lesson, every situation I went through in life as a twenty-something and also the most beautiful places, which this world has to offer! During this journey, I received so much support and lovely words from you guys! Thank you so much for your love, and support! It means the world to me! Thank you for letting me inspire you <3

The anniversary from LMLLE was actually on the 25.02. Therefore I am a little bit late, but I couldn’t publish this video and post earlier, due to other important projects. Anyways, I want to say thank you, and because of that, I would like to do a giveaway. Simply for giving my love back to you!


You have the chance to win a Huda Beauty Winter Highlighter Palette or a Charlotte Tilbury “Scent of a Dream” perfume, here on my website but also on YouTube.

If you would like to attend the giveaway, then the conditions are:
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The giveaway is international and will close on the 06.04.2019. Please also let me know which beauty product you prefer.

I wish everyone good luck!
Love, Ly <3