Summer semester is over, and exams are all done, which means it is officially time for summer break and holiday getaways!
As a fashion girl, I love to dress chic and stylish, and that includes jet-setting to my next destination or holiday getaway. Before going on vacation, I am always planning what to do and what to see first. After finishing my researches, I am going to plan my travel wardrobe. The first outfit of my holiday wardrobe will be the on to the airport.
On the one hand, you want pieces that are comfortable, of course also practical and yet looking elegant and stylish. Because, between the dreaded metal detector and the cramped confines of a flight seat, finding a moment of chicness in the airport experience can be very challenging.
My travel outfit is often just a simple combination of jeans and a top or a comfortable dress for long-term flights. The important aspect to consider is that the material shouldn’t get wrinkled so easily and that you won’t freeze on the plane. You probably know it by yourself. It is always too cold or too hot on a plane. Due to that, I am always taking a scarf and a jacket or cardigan with me.
When it comes to cabin luggage, the chicest and best choice is a weekender bag or a small suitcase. My little suitcase is more for long term holidays because then I have to take more stuff with me. To be honest, I love to travel without any hand luggage at all. No cabin luggage, no laptop, no camera, and no uni and business stuff, is the best way ever. Unfortunately, I often can’t leave these things at home because I really need them. But I am already working on my work-life balance, and it is getting better from time to time.
How about you? In which style do you prefer to travel?